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JASCO FTIR-4X - The new compact research-grade spectrometer

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JASCO FTIR-4X with 30% reduction in power consumption compared to conventional models, assures research-grade performance, functionality and expandability, and supports high resolution (0.4 cm-1), high sensitivity (SN 35000:1), extending measurement wavenumber from Near-IR to Far-IR operations, microscopy with linear array detector, and rapid scan up to 80 spectra/sec.
With over sixty years of experience in infrared spectroscopy and using the most advanced technology, JASCO offers the best solutions for FT-IR analysis with a complete range of application-focused FT-IR spectrometers and sampling accessories as well as a dedicated instrument control and data analysis interface.

The overnight energization and periodic replacement of desiccant to protect the optical components are not required because of the proven robust sealed interferometer. The window plate of the interferometer is made of KRS-5, which has excellent humidity resistance. In addition, a long-life diode laser is used and a corner-cube mirror is used for the interferometer mirror.

Various types of single reflection ATR accessories and ATR crystals are available to obtain data for different types of samples to reduce the cost and time for infrared sample analysis.

The new ATR PRO 4X allows you to measure a large size sample without interfering with main unit because of its integrated design.

The ATR PRO 4X is a single reflection ATR accessory using a newly designed monolithic diamond crystal to provide dramatically high optical throughput. A “torque-limiter” pressure applicator providing reproducible sample pressure contact allows excellent reproducibility for sample measurements. Available options for a ZnSe or Ge crystal kit.

Improved software for performing same analysis as experts

Spectra Manager Ver.2.5 is equipped with navigation functions that allow even those who are unfamiliar
with IR analysis to perform measurements in the same way as experts. The parameters set by the navigation function enables starting measurement by simply opening them after registering in the method.

Based on the ALCOA + principle, which is a requirement of data integrity, the Spectra Manager Ver. 2.5 CFR is available to support complete and accurate data creation.


JASCO is the first manufacturer to develop a powerful, cross-platform software package, “Spectra Manager”, for controlling a wide range of spectroscopic instrumentation. The Spectra Manager program is a comprehensive package for capturing and processing data, eliminating the need to learn multiple software packages and offering the user a shallower learning curve.

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