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Hudson Robotics

Hudson Robotics

Hudson Robotics, founded in 1983, has a long-standing history in robotic automation. Located in Springfield, New Jersey, Hudson Robotics is a leader in microplate automation, laboratory robotics, liquid handling and customized software-driven  solutions for life-science research. The company provides tools that can be used in areas such as drug discovery, clinical research and pharmaceutical development, including high throughput screening, proteomics and genomics.

We work with our clients to develop strategies that best meet their unique needs, whether for a large integrated system of automated laboratory equipment, or a single solution product that solves a specific problem.

At Hudson Robotics, we specialize in applying lab instruments, lab integration software and hundreds of third party devices for laboratory automation solutions.

We design and build innovative systems, dynamic software, and instruments to automate and streamline your discovery workflows. Hudson specializes in integrating users’ instruments into custom laboratory automation solutions as well as offering pre-configured laboratory workcells to carry out well-established protocols.